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Our experienced team of designers offers you a range of services from strategy and copywriting, through to brand development, user experience and production management services including video and photography. We understand that all projects encompass differing complexities and need to be approached, explored and managed according to your specific needs. We are ready to work through challenges with you, whether big or small. We thrive on providing the support you need to meet your strategic, design, branding and communication goals.

Over 15 years, we have moved from a one-man show (operating out of a third bedroom behind a defunct Malaysian takeaway restaurant in Ivanhoe) to the vibrant design studio we are today. Importantly, we are delighted to be able to say that our very first client is directly connected to the clients we are working with today. It is via this evolutionary process that our studio has come to consist of 5 designers, and a continually growing marketing team of satisfied clients. To date, we have allowed this growth to take its natural course, relying on our delighted clients to take us forward to our next challenge. So where will you lead us next?

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    Strategy & Planning

    Do you know what you ‘want’ but are unsure of what you need? We can work with you to develop an approach that exceeds your expectations. Designing an outcome starts with discovery, then learning, then new ideas. You want a great outcome. We can make sure you not only get what you want but, more importantly, the successful outcomes you need.

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    Copywriting & Editing

    Much of our work relies on the right words: sometimes a few, other times seemingly endless amounts. You may need a fresh set of eyes to edit your content. Or you may need new content to accompany the design we are creating for you. We can do both. We have the capacity to edit long or short documents, as well as research and develop content for you, no matter how broad or niche the subject matter is.

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  • Branding


    Your plans may be local, your dreams might be global. Our approach will be responsive and proportionate. Creating a new visual identity or brand is an exciting process. The importance of getting it right cannot be underestimated. It will be with you for years or even decades to come. When crafting an identity, we aim for more than just an attractive logo – we give an identity personality and meaning.

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  • Digital Design

    Digital Design & User Experience (UX)

    Digital design and UX is indispensable for most organisations. Your stakeholders expect their online experience with you to be user-friendly, clear and visually appealing. In an ever-changing digital landscape, we can provide up to date and insightful advice and guide you towards the best outcome for your digital needs, including web development, intranet, app, microsite or mobile design. This includes looking deeply at your needs and recommending approaches that are appropriate for both analogue and digital solutions.

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  • Project Management

    Project Management

    Are your project needs multi-faceted, requiring various design outputs? Are you unsure of how to find the best methods for production? You may require a whole suite of services ranging from information gathering, running workshops, copywriting and editing, through to design, illustration, print, photography and video production. We can help you with all of this, and more! Over the last 15 years we have built strong relationships with a variety of suppliers and can offer you advice and options for the most complex design projects.

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  • Print Publication

    Print & Publication

    The tangible nature of a printed document is still an important tool for an organisation to inform and influence their target audiences. We'll work closely with you to create layouts that best showcase your information and engage the reader. We use dynamic text layout, infographics and imagery to create an outcome for you that is sensible, digestible and beautifully designed. Should you want to create a complimentary online version or summary, we can produce that for you too.

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The U-bahn crew


Adam Foran


Founder and creative director of U-bahn, Adam has shaped a dynamic and forward thinking design group that now attracts a large number of high profile clients from diverse sectors of the community.

His comprehensive strategic communication and design experience gathered over 19 years in the graphic design industry, coupled with his drive to provide exceptional service, has forged strong client relationships based on trust, respect and common goals.

Van Desktop

Van Pham

Creative Director

With over 10 years experience in corporate design all spent at U-bahn, Van is integral to the management of daily operations. Van’s extensive experience and technical knowledge is a product of her perpetual curiosity and determination to continually refine design processes and methods.


Neisha Bond


Neisha is our multi talented designer and illustrator. In her third year at U-bahn, Neisha’s superb illustrative hand and knowledge of current design trends enables her to deliver visually engaging, on-brand outcomes.

Alice Desktop

Alice Buda


In her third year at U-bahn, Alice comes with experience spanning branding, publication and digital design. Alice’s curiosity and tenacity when it comes to solving problems allows her to deliver innovative design solutions.

Alex Desktop

Alex Downie


Alex is our most recent addition to the U-bahn team. Alex comes with several years experience spanning both marketing and design roles in NGO and local government. Alex’s fresh perspective, organisation skills and down-to-earth nature make her a wonderful addition to the team.



Commander in Chief

Pretzel, our miniature dachshund, divides his day between three very demanding tasks: snoozing (inside or outside depending on the weather), barking at Fitzroy locals and begging for treats. He is the much loved office dog at U-bahn belonging to Adam and our office is richer for it.

Some clients we work with

  • 01 Auspost
  • 02 Wmv
  • 03 Greenbank
  • 04 Nrhsn
  • 05 Otl
  • 06 Bupa
  • 07 Anz
  • 08 Schweppes
  • 09 Dha
  • 10 Telstra
  • 11 Rspca
  • 12 Ses
  • 13 Au
  • 14 Guidedogsvic
  • 15 Victoria
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As a close knit studio, we spend a lot of time together!  We are not just colleagues but have also become friends over the years. We are always on the lookout for talented designers who are brilliant with people. Other requirements include a sense of humor and liking of cake. If you think you have something interesting to offer, we’d like to hear from you.

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