U-bahn's creative team in the studio
U-bahn's creative team in the studio

Experience is everything

Our talented creatives listen carefully to your wants and expertly deliver what you need. You will enjoy every minute working with us. Our talented creatives listen carefully to your wants and expertly deliver what you need.

Adam Foran

Adam Foran

Creative Director + Founder

Adam’s comprehensive design experience gathered over 20 years, coupled with his drive to provide exceptional service has shaped a dynamic and forward thinking studio built on strong client relationships.

Van Pham

Van Pham

Studio Manager + Director Client Services

In her 15th year at U-bahn Van is integral to our daily operations. With her experience and calm demeanour there is no problem Van can’t solve.

Neisha Bond

Neisha Bond

Senior Creative / Illustrator & Motion Specialist

Neisha’s superb illustrative hand and knowledge of current design trends ensures visually engaging, on-brand design solutions every time.

Emma Chew

Emma Chew

Lead Creative / Motion Specialist

With a strong background in corporate design, Emma's creative flair and coveted skills in motion graphics bring life to any project.



Senior Dachshund / Snack Specialist

Over the past 12 years Pretzel has developed a love of lunchtime and an aptitude for sleep, making him the perfect office companion.

Working in the Bahn

We built this office in 2009, in the former stables of a leather tannery from the turn of last century.

Our white board is yellow

We work in an open plan office. Though only 2 steps, we still refer to our meeting space as upstairs.

Experience is everything

Our Studio Manager and Director of Client Services has been a part of the team since 2006, Van is incredible.

We do fantastic long blacks

Though reduced in numbers now, our crockery was made as a client gift in 2004. Luckily we saved a few, come by and give them a go.

We also do a pretty good latté

Whilst not a prerequisite, barista skills seem to go hand in hand with outstanding creativity.

We like adventure

Let us show you a different point of view. Drop in for a chat anytime.

We mean business (cards)

Our cards double as coasters. Very beautiful coasters. At U-bahn the drinks are always on us.

We remember anniversaries

Each year we design our own wine label and matching tea towel to thank those who have made the year special.

We mix business with pleasure

We believe the journey is as important as the destination, for our clients and for ourselves.

Experience, enjoyable design

We are motivated by finding enjoyable ways of working. We know you need it yesterday, but that doesn’t mean the experience should be forgotten tomorrow.

Come in for a chat!
You can also pat Pretzel*


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