We can turn any idea, big or small, into an engaging, entertaining motion piece.

U-bahn believes in the importance of clear and creative storytelling. Here's an insight into our motion process.

1. Discover & Storytelling

We work with you to tease out your ideas, ask questions and understand the goals and key messages for your motion piece. Based on our findings, we’ll provide a synopsis and an engaging narrative script, and a few static illustrative concepts to get the ball rolling. We want to make sure we’re capturing exactly what you need, so we’ll keep refining until we land on the perfect solution for your message.

This stage includes:

–  Look and feel development
–  Bespoke illustration and characters
–  Script writing and editing
–  Concept development

2. Storyboard

Once you’re happy with how your story is told, we’ll begin building your fully realised, illustrated storyboard. This will help you visualise the story and understand how it will animate from start to finish, scene by scene.

This stage includes:

–  Storyboarding
–  Creation of illustrative assets/characters
–  Art direction of our expert videographers
–  Record of voice over artists
–  Sourcing suitable music

3. Build

This is where the magic happens. You sit back, relax, while we get our hands dirty creating your motion piece in After Effects or editing your filmed content in Premiere Pro. We’ll continue refining your video based on your feedback, ensuring it is absolutely flawless, ready for delivery.

4. Delivery

Voilà – we deliver your award-winning*, ground breaking piece of moving content that ticks all the boxes and truly wows your audience

We will deliver:

–  Accessible videos with captions
–  Videos optimised for digital channels
–  Social assets

* We can’t guarantee it will win an Oscar, but we do promise you will want to watch it over and over again.