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Launch Housing have a vision for life-changing housing and support for at-risk families and children. We crafted a heartfelt, visionary and educational prospectus for donors, urging all Victorians to ‘launch a new beginning’.

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It’s time to end homelessness. That is the goal of Launch Housing, one of Victoria’s largest providers of housing and homelessness support services.

Their research revealed a lack of safe, affordable housing and support services for women and children at risk of, or experiencing homelessness – especially those escaping family violence.

The Families Supportive Housing project aims to address this gap, with life-changing housing and support for more than 60 women and 200 children. This prospectus for donors aims to fundraise $8million to see this visionary project come to fruition.

Having worked extensively with not for profit organisations, we relish the opportunity to create meaningful design which connects and stays in the mind of its audience.